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Unless otherwise noted in our Contact Details below, our volunteers may be reached through our Corporate Offices.  See our Contact Us Page.
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TitleNameContact Details
TitleNameContact Details
AAPRCO Representative Kevin Tankersley Corporate Office 
Chief Mechanical Officer Jim Lilly Corporate Office 
Editor Ann Mason Corporate Office 
Heritage Rail Alliance Representative Kevin Tankersley Corporate Office 
Historian Barbara O'Rourke Corporate Office 
Library Committee Chair (Acting) Jim Lilly Corporate Office 
Membership Director Bob Craycraft Corporate Office 
National NRHS Representative Brandon Brown Corporate Office 
Past Presidents (Living) Scarlett Wirt, Joe Banas, Jim Lilly, Mark Piotrowski, Bob Bitzer, Kevin Tankersley, Walter Loftin Corporate Office 
Program Director Scarlett Wirt Corporate Office 
Railroad Passenger Car Charter Team Kevin Tankersley and Jim Lilly Corporate Office 
Reservations Agent Kevin Tankersley Corporate Office 
RPCA Representative Jim Lilly Corporate Office 
Strategic Planning John Eldridge Corporate Office 
Trip and Excursions Chairman Kevin Tankersley Corporate Office 
Volunteer Coordinator Caryl McNeilly Corporate Office 
Showing 16 items