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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of 13 Officers and Directors at Large. They are elected by the membership. The Board of Directors' purpose is to manage and guide DCNRHS and its activities and to plan for the future. Our Officers and Directors volunteer their time and talents to DCNRHS.

Board of Directors meetings are usually held the Monday before the regularly scheduled monthly program at a place and time determined by the President. Members and usually visitors are welcome to attend these meetings, but please notify the President in advance so that arrangements for adequate seating space can be made or if you have proposed business for the meeting. Typically, the meetings start at 7:30 PM.
A brief biography of our current President is available here.
NOTE: In the interest of reducing SPAM and protecting their privacy, we do not make e-mail addresses for our Officers and Directors publicly available. Use the Contact Us form.


Vice President Andrew Van Scyoc 301-943-6255 
Secretary P. William Barnhart, Jr. 703-472-3338 
Treasurer James W. Lilly 443-253-2956 
Comptroller Peter G. Claymore 678-943-8022  
President John K. Eldridge 202-627-6978 
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Directors at Large

Bob Bitzer 301-206-5321 
Brandon Brown 571-228-6556 
Carol Zabrosky 703-754-0693 
Edward Westfall 505-216-5255 
Erik Delfino 240-506-0876 
Hank Anderson 301-948-2434  
John Zabrosky 703-754-0693 
Jon Baake 301-994-1706 
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Additional DCNRHS Leaders (not all inclusive):
Membership Director: Russ Rudolph
Historian: Barbara O'Rourke
Librarian: Erik Delfino
Chief Mechanical Officer: Jim Lilly
Charter Team: Kevin Tankersley and Jim Lilly
Reservations Agent: Wayne Poates
Volunteer Coordinator: Caryl McNeilly
Living Past Presidents: Scarlett Wirt, Joe Banas, Jim Lilly, Mark Piotrowski, Bob Bitzer, Kevin Tankersley
National Advisory Council Representative: Brandon Brown
Editor: Hank Anderson
Program Director: Scarlett Wirt
Trips & Excursions Chairman:  Kevin Tankersley