DCNRHS Receives $15,000 Grant from The UPS Foundation

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Team UPS Volunteers work painting the side of the an REA Baggage Car - August 12,  2017

Washington, D.C. - April 20 - The National Railway Historical Society, Washington, D.C. Chapter, Inc (DCNRHS) received a $15,000 grant from the UPS Foundation, which drives global corporates citizenship and philanthropic programs for UPS (NYSE: UPS).

The grant will be used to preserve and restore the exterior color and appearance of DCNRHS' three 1930s Railway Express Agency (REA) railroad cars. DCNRHS uses the cars as part of its larger program to preserve and teach America's rail history, and to provide people a chance to experience railroading first-hand through opportunities to ride vintage railroad cars or even do hands on restoration and operations.

DCNRHS' REA Agency baggage cars were built by the American Car & Foundry Company in the 1930s for the Richmond, Fredericksburg, and Potomac (RF&P) Railroad. An early predecessor of UPS, the REA provided shipment of individual parcels, goods and money, quickly, securely, and safety between parties in different parts of the country.  When the cars were retired from REA service, RF&P used them in maintenance of way trains before donating them to DCNRHS.

The project will use a combination of contract and volunteer labor to clean and power-wash the car bodies and under carriages, scrape the car exterior, repair weakened body panels and roofs, caulk exposed seams, and prime rusted metal.  Then the cars will be painted in a Pullman green color to match their appearance during operations during the 1930s and 1940s. Each car will have its original RF&P marking number restored to its exterior on both sides in gold paint using the correct Railroad Roman Font. With UPS Foundation's concurrence, DCNRHS will place a small plaque in the interior of each noting the UPS Foundation's support for the project. 

DCNRHS' Treasurer, Chief Mechanical Officer, and Manager of the project said of the grant "This means we will be able to preserve these cars which are a critical part of our equipment program, providing storage and workshop space for restoration and operation of our three historic Amtrak qualified railroad passenger cars. UPS' support of this project has been critical. Last year a dozen volunteers from UPS helped us apply exterior paint to one of the cars after our volunteers had primed and sanded them in preparation.  This grant is fantastic and beyond providing the means to complete the project will lift the hearts and spirits of our volunteers who work so hard to preserve and operate our equipment. Thank you UPS! Beyond that, I am speechless!"

Established in 1951 and based in Atlanta, GA, The UPS Foundation identifies specific areas where its backing clearly impacts social issues. In support of this strategic approach, the UPS Foundation has identified the following focus areas for giving: volunteerism, diversity, community safety, and the environment.

In 2017, UPS and its employees, active and retired, invested more than $118 million in charitable giving around the world. The UPS Foundation can be found on the web at UPS.com/foundation.  To get UPS news direct, pressroom.ups.com/RSS.

"The UPS Foundation is honored to support the National Railway Historical Society, Washington, D.C. Chapter, Inc's efforts to restore and preserve these historic pieces of American rail history," said Eduardo Martinez, president of The UPS Foundation and chief diversity and inclusion officer at UPS. "Our goal is to fund powerful programs that make a lasting difference to the global community."

Want to See the Inside of the Tunnel under Capitol Hill?

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One of our members shot this video on a recent train trip.   It provides the unusual view of the tracks from a train as it travels from Washington, D.C. Union Station to Alexandria, Virginia. This includes passing under the Capitol in First Street Tunnel, passing CP Virginia, Government buildings, and the VRE stop at L'ENFant Plaza, and traveling over the "Long Bridge" over the Potomac River with views of the Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, and Tidal Basin.

Traveling UNDER Capitol Hill by Train

PRR E8 with GG1 at Washington Terminal - Help Us Identify the Photographer

posted Mar 13, 2018, 6:53 PM by James Lilly

A friend of the Society shared this photo with us of PRR E-8 5893 helping a GG1 East (North) out of Washington, D.C. in we are told 1964.  We share it for educational purposes, and wonder if any one out there knows the photographer. Note the station and the Capitol Dome in the background. We note that DCNRHS does not hold copyright to this photo.  

Pullman @ Piscayne

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Here is a video from Facebook with our Pullman Dover Harbor on the rear of Amtrak's No. 20 on 3/11/2018 at Piscayne, LA. Video is courtesy of the Louisiana Association of Railway Passengers.

Dover Harbor in the National Spotlight

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Dover Harbor was highlighted in a recent blog titled "Ride It While You Can" by John Hankey on Trains Magazine's Web site.  To read it, click here.

DCNRHS Launches Marketing Internship

posted Jan 25, 2018, 8:55 PM by James Lilly

DCNRHS has launched a marketing internship with Davis and Elkins College to give a college student hands-on experience in not-for-profit marketing.  For more information, click here.


posted Jan 25, 2018, 7:25 PM by James Lilly

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN TO ALL MEMBERS in good standing that proposed amendments to the bylaws of the National Railway Historical Society, Washington D.C. Chapter Inc. (DCNRHS) will be submitted to the membership for ratification at the next Membership Meeting, to be held on Sunday, March 25th, 2018 at 5:00 PM. To see a copy of the current bylaws and the proposed changes, click here

Free! Our 2018 Dover Harbor Calendar - Download It Today

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Happy New Year! Our traditional Dover Harbor Calendar featuring a picture of Dover Harbor,  is now available for 2018 for download and it is 100% free.  Just click here to access it and then use a save or save as to save it to your computer.  And yes, It's okay to share it!

This year's photo by Scarlett Wirt shows Dover Harbor parked in the station in New Orleans during a 2017 Chapter trip. 

DCNRHS' Legend Bernie Gallagher [1928-2017]

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Bernard "Bernie" Gallagher, founder of DCNRHS' Equipment program, our Legendary Chief Mechanical Officer and the Majordomo behind the Dover Harbor for 38 years, a railroad worker, model railroader who made his own O-scale steam locomotives, and an extraordinary gentleman, father, husband, leader, dedicated Union Man, historian, and friend, passed away December 5, 2017. A December 7, 2017 article in Trains Magazine's Newswire described Bernie as  a "railfan and force behind the modern private car movement."

Bernie was born in Alexandria, Virginia November 19, 1928. His father ran the company store for Southern Railway. At age 5 he went missing but his family located him a short time later near the tracks. A railfan from an early age, he grew up a few blocks from Alexandria Union Station and spent time there watching the trains of the RF&P, C&O Pennsylvania Railroad, ACL, SAL, Washington & Old Dominion, and Southern, his favorite. He said the crush of traffic during WW II was impressive. Between 11th and 12th grade he worked at Fruit Growers Express.  In 1946 he got a job working for the Southern Railway in their Alexandria shops as a machinist apprentice.  3 years later, Bernie, now a full machinist, was laid off the Southern and took a job at Fruit Growers Express repairing reefers in Alexandria.  Then 3 months later he landed a job at the Washington Terminal Company at its Ivy City Shops in Washington, D.C as a machinist. . He was of the generation of railroaders who trained as steam locomotive men and transitioned to diesel locomotives.

Concurrently, beginning in 1948 he also served in a U.S. Army Railway Operating Reserve Battalion, which occasionally trained at the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad’s Mt. Clare Shops in Baltimore, MD and at Ft. Eustis, VA. His battalion was activated in 1950 for the Korean War and he continued to serve after his active duty time.

In 1957, he moved to the Washington firm of Allen-Mitchel & Co., where he worked as a senior machinist until retirement. The firm did contract work for a variety of customers including Washington Terminal Co., NASA during the days of the “Space Race,” area railroads, and later, Amtrak, which allowed Gallagher to remain engaged with contemporary railroading. He also served in a U.S. Army Railway Operating Reserve Battalion, which occasionally trained at the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad’s Mt. Clare Shops in Baltimore, MD and at Ft. Eustis, VA. His battalion was activated in 1950 for the Korean War.

Bernie Gallagher - Mishaps

So in 1979 when the DCNRHS was considering purchasing a railcar for operations, Bernie spotted one in Silver Spring and asked an inspector from Amtrak to come out and look it over.  Turns out, a car which many thought was derelict was in better shape than much of Amtrak's equipment, or so Bernie relayed in a story.  The rest is history. 

The Chapter acquired that car, the Dover Harbor, on November 30th, and Bernie became the Chapter's first Chief Mechanical Officer. Under his steady leadership, and tutelage, and with an incredible amount of work from Bernie and other volunteers, Dover Harbor made its first trip in 1982 and became Amtrak certified in 1986.  Over the course of 30 years, Gallagher shepherded the car on charters and excursions throughout the U.S. and Canada safely and without major incident.  Beyond hosting dignitaries like Stephen King and Oliver North, Bernie seemed to enjoy the most giving another generation of ordinary Americans a chance to ride the mainlines in a classic Pullman.

Bernie also served on the Board of Directors of DCNRHS for many years and helped to expand the Equipment Program in 2007 when the Chapter took ownership of two 1949 Budd Cars. Bernie earned DCNRHS' highest honor, the Bent Spike Award, for “bending over backwards” to help the society. 

Bernie also was a skilled model railroader, creating detailed 2-rail O-scale Southern Railway locomotives, cars, and landscapes. The skills he brought as a machinist and the deep knowledge and understanding he had as a working railroader made his basement machine shop and operating railroad a true representation of the Southern Railway as it existed in the 1930s of his youth.

He is survived by his loving wife of 60 years, Charlotte Mary Gallagher of Beltsville, MD; his children: Madeline Mitchell (David) of Alexandria, VA, Bernard Gallagher of Beltsville, MD and John Gallagher (Jeanine) of Cordova, MD; a sister, Jean Whalen of TX; grandchildren: Blaine (Jessica), John, Austin, Juliana, Alexander and Scott; and 4 great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his parents, Bernard Travers Gallagher and Eleanor Kate Kingsley Gallagher; a daughter, Marie Miller; and a brother, Michael Gallagher. 

A memorial service was held Wednesday, December 13, at 11:00 am at St. Joseph's Catholic Church, 11007 Montgomery Road, Beltsville, MD 20705. His remains will be interred at Arlington National Cemetery.

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations in Bernie's memory be made to DCNRHS.  This may be accomplished on-line at http://www.dcnrhs.org or by sending a check payable to DCNRHS to:

1325 G ST NW STE 500
WASHINGTON DC 20005-3146

Please include a note so that we can be sure to know the gift is in memory of Bernie. All funds received will go to further the operation of the railway equipment Bernie so enjoyed working on and labored so hard to keep "on the rails."

We were fortunate in 2012 and 2013 to capture about 3 hours worth of oral history from Bernie which we have digitized.  A few bits are on the internet on Youtube (search for Bernie Gallagher DCNRHS).  One of the best is A Story about Amos. Thanks to John Hankey, Jim Lilly, and Guerin Goldsmith for their work on that project.

  If you have photos to share, please send to info @ dcnrhs.org.

Source: John Hankey, Jim Lilly, and The Gallagher Family.


Trains Magazine Carries Article on Bernie's Passing on Newswire.

On December 7 Trains Magazine carried an article about Bernie's passing. The article is written by John Hankey.  You can see the article here. It is also attached as a PDF to this page.

Borrowing from an old poem, The Ship, one of our members has given us a way to remember Bernie.

The Train
by Jim Lilly

I am standing trackside, a train leaves the station with Bernie on-board waving at us from a Pullman, starting for his next station in life.

The train is an object of beauty, and I stand watching until at last it passes around a curve and out of sight, the light from the last car fading.  Someone at my side says “There he goes.”



Gone from my sight that is all.

The train is just as large, steely, and strong as it was when I saw it last, and just as able to bear our special passenger to its destination.

The diminished size, fading sounds, and loss of sight is in me, not in the train or its passenger,  and just at the moment when the train passes out of sight, its marker lights dimming, someone at my side says, “There he goes.”

But there are others down the line who are at that same moment watching the headlight coming into view, and others take up a glad shout:

“There he comes.”

And that my friends is how we can remember Bernie.


Obituary for Mr. Bernard Henry Gallagher

Bernard Henry Gallagher of Beltsville, MD died on December 5,2017 at Corsica Hills Nursing Home. He was 89. 

Mr. Gallagher was born on November 19, 1928, a 5th generation native of Alexandria, VA. He graduated from George Washington High School. In 1948 he joined the US Army Reserve and was called up in 1950, serving during the Korean War. He completed his military career as a Sergeant First Class. He married Charlotte Ward on June 24, 1957 and the couple made their home in Landover Hills, MD, later Beltsville, Md. He worked in the railroad industry, starting his career in 1946 with the Southern Railroad, later moving to the Fruit Grover’s Express and then the Washington Terminal Company. He was a Steam Locomotive Machinist and Carman. He went on to work for Allen Mitchell & co. of Wash D. C. a machine shop and was a contract machinist at NASA Greenbelt. He retired in 1990.

Mr. Gallagher was a member of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Beltsville, MD; the Knights of Columbus, and the National Historical Railroad Society, he was instrumental in the restoration of the Pullman Car “Dover Harbor” , and held the title of Chief Mechanical Officer Emeritus. He was dedicated in the service of his brother Machinists serving as a shop steward and Local Officer. He was an accomplished model railroad train builder and railroad historian.

He is survived by his loving wife, Charlotte Mary Gallagher of Beltsville, MD; his children: Madeline Mitchell (David) of Alexandria, VA, Bernard Gallagher of Beltsville, MD and John Gallagher (Jeanine) of Cordova, MD; a sister, Jean Whalen of TX; grandchildren: Blaine (Jessica), John, Austin, Juliana, Alexander and Scott; and 4 great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his parents, Bernard Travers Gallagher and Eleanor Kate Kingsley Gallagher; a daughter, Marie Miller; and a brother, Michael Gallagher. 

A Memorial Mass will be celebrated at 11 am on Wednesday, December 13 at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Beltsville, MD. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the National Railway Historical Society, 1001 G St. NW, Ste. 800W, Washington, DC 20001 or to the Alzheimer’s Association, PO Box 96011, Washington, DC 20090 or www.alz.org

Clok here for the source link to Obituary on Funeral Home Web Site.

Source: The Gallagher Family.
Washington Post Death Notice (December 10, 2017).



Bernie, you are missed, terribly.  Thanks from all of us for all you did.

Aboard Collinsville Inn in April 2013 - Photo by Jim Lilly

Bernie at the writing desk of the Dover Harbor in 1992- Photo by John Kuehl

Bernie in his office aboard the first baggage car at Dover Park - Photo by Jim Lilly

Bernie and Chief of On-board Services Sally Scribner on the road with Dover Harbor at Jacksonville, Florida 1997 - Photo by Jim Lilly

Bernie at Brunswick, MD December 2007 inspecting MARC cars
for DCNRHS operations - Photo by Jim Lilly

The Dover Harbor Gang  - Reunion

In 2014 many of the surviving original Dover Harbor "Gang" from the 1980s and 1990s goy together aboard the car for a mini reunion. From Left to Right Kevin Tankersley, Karl Scheetz, Jim Lilly, Jean Scheetz, Pam Brandon (face hidden), Mark Piotrowski, Pat Clark, Bernie Gallagher, and Charlotte Gallagher - Photo by Scarlett Wirt

Supervising track and roadbed work at Dover Park - April 5, 2014
Bernie supervises some track and roadbed work at Dover Park - April 5, 2014 - Photo by Jim Lilly

At the controls of his O-Scale Layout
At the controls of his hand-built O-scale Layout - Photo by Jim Lilly

Bernie's Handiwork - Photo by Jim Lilly

"Trainspotting Day" at the Library

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Join us Sunday, November 26. at our Martin F. O'Rourke Memorial Railroad Library http://www.railroadlibrary.org  . It's our annual Train Day, where we'll see Amtrak, MARC, and maybe even NJTransit on the exodus to Thanksgiving weekend. Also present at the Bowie Railroad Museum where our Library is located will be Santa and Mrs. Claus in the Welcome Center and the Ntrack Modelers in the depot!

This is the busiest train day on the Northeast corridor, and great for children (and adults) of all ages!

Come enjoy cider and doughnuts!

Hope to see you there!

Where: City of Bowie / DCNRHS train library
   Bowie Railroad Museum
   8614 Chestnut Ave.
   Bowie, MD 20715
When: 10am - 4:00pm

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