First On-line Program Now on our YouTube Channel.

posted Jun 27, 2020, 6:47 AM by James Lilly   [ updated Jun 27, 2020, 7:21 AM ]

Our first on-line program, Union Station and Washington, D.C. is now available on our YouTube Channel.  Generally speaking we plan to make our public programs available on-line after they are held going forward, but it may not happenin all cases.  It takes time to turn them into a video.   To register for monthly programs, look for the link on the main page of our web site under Upcoming Programs and Seminars and click Register Now. Registration for our July program is now open. 

Making the most of downtime!

posted Jun 14, 2020, 6:34 PM by James Lilly

The national pandemic has delayed our 2020 planned trips.  We plan to be up and running this fall.  In the interim Chapter volunteers, working safely, have been making some improvements to the lounge of the DOVER HARBOR.  Fresh paint and a variety of small touches are in the works, along with new blinds.  This is a herculean effort that has been going on for over two months.  All furniture was removed then every part, right down to every screw, had to be taken off the wall, tagged, and bagged.  Then the walls were sanded, primed, and painted.  Now comes the chore of putting it all back together.  Below are a couple photos.

May 20 - Lounge during painting - Photo by Dennis Dame.

June 14 - Lounge in the process of being put back together - Photo by J. Lilly

Attention to details is what sets DOVER HARBOR apart from the ordinary.  The lounge fan was rebuilt, repainted, and reinstalled. The old paint was painstakingly removed from the fan guard.  Photo by J. Lilly

Innovating Again! On-line Public Programming Announced

posted May 28, 2020, 8:35 AM by James Lilly

DCNRHS is pleased to announce that our public programming in June and July will be available on-line.  Since we cannot meet in person while we are social distancing, DCNRHS is presenting our monthly programs using free on-line meetings. Our first program about Washington, D.C.'s Union Station will be June 19th. Please register for these programs at the link on our main page. After you register, you will receive an email confirmation with the information needed to join the presentation.  

Kenneth A. Brooks

posted May 11, 2020, 1:55 PM by James Lilly   [ updated May 19, 2020, 2:56 PM ]

Mr. Kenneth A. Brooks of Washington, D.C. our long-time member and volunteer, well known to many, passed away at home on May 5, 2020.   Funeral arrangements are unknown (if you learn of any, please share) them with us o our contact us page.

NOTE: There is a gofundme page associated with a service for Ken Brooks. Caution note: A DCNRHS member has made repeated unsuccessful attempts to get details about what is being planned and how the money will be spent  from the organizer.  Therefore at this time we cannot reasonably conclude or recommend that anyone should donate to this campaign. Stay tuned. 

Ken served DCNRHS in many capacities over the years, including as Secretary, General Volunteer, and as a Pullman Porter on our 1923 sleeper-buffet-lounge. He was a regular at Chapter events.  We miss him already. 

Below is an image of Ken (foreground) taken by Jim Lilly taken May 11, 2013 (7 years ago today) aboard DOVER HARBOR at Grand Central Terminal in New York, New York.  Ken was serving as a Porter that day and showing several guests through the car. 

Photo by J. Lilly

On-line Company Store Gets Rolling

posted May 9, 2020, 12:33 PM by James Lilly   [ updated May 9, 2020, 12:35 PM ]

DCNRHS launched our new on-line Company Store on May 9, 2020.  We offer a limited assortment of merchandise related to railroads and railroad history.  Most material relate directly to some aspect of our operations.  All proceeds from these sales go to our organization directly benefit the operations and programs we offer. Members of our organization receive a discount on most items. 

The most popular items are the DOVER HARBOR hats and shirts, which we sell on-board our legendary restored 1923 Pullman car DOVER HARBOR

RF&P Timetable and more on

posted May 3, 2020, 8:17 PM by James Lilly

The Chapter is working hard to update and add fresh content to our Washington Terminal Project.  We recently added a 1956 RF&P Timetable which is a rather interesting muse.  We've also greatly expanded the Union Station History timeline.  Stay tuned.  There is much more to come!


We are keeping on rolling...

posted Apr 13, 2020, 3:53 PM by James Lilly

While COVID-19 has some very visible Chapter activities shut down for the moment, behind the scenes we are hard at work.  Here are some things that are going on all while abiding by Social Distancing and National and State Emergency Guidelines:

  • We are updating many of our web sites, including the all new, a significantly updated, and some changes to this web site .
  • The Banquet Committee is working to figure out how to handle our postponed 2020 Banquet.
  • The Program Committee is working to figure out how to handle our upcoming programs, to include hopefully rescheduling a couple great topics that were delayed.
  • The Trip and Charter Committees are planning for fall operations.
  • The Operations and Equipment Committee has completed a complete makeover of the DOVER HARBOR's roof.
  • The Operations and Equipment Committee has started a summer long project to repaint the lounge of the DOVER HARBOR.
  • The Finance Committee has completed FY2020 and transitioned into FY2020.
  • The Newsletter Committee is continuing to put out fantastic issues of the Newsletter.
  • The Library Committee has been reviewing recent book donations.
  • The Strategic Planning Committee has been discussing the Chapter's way forward, to include COVID-19 issues and opportunities.
  • The Membership Committee has been sending out final renewal notices.
Stay Safe. Be Well. 

Your friends at DCNRHS.

New Look for an Old Pullman's Web Site

posted Apr 13, 2020, 3:41 PM by James Lilly   [ updated Apr 13, 2020, 3:44 PM ]

Well, after more than a year in development, DCNRHS launched our new DOVER HARBOR web site. While the URL remains the same, the entire site was redone in new technology. The new site was developed by one of our volunteers with input from DCNRHS Leadership and the Charter and the Trip Committees, and a lot of contributions from some fantastic photographers.  


There is a lot to see, including 3 photo galleries with some high-quality detailed photos, many new, as well as a new video that serves as a walking tour of the car. The video tour gives you a sense of just how large the car is that is very hard to gleam from photographs alone. The car, by the way, is 81 feet long, 10 feet wide, 14 feet tall, and weighs 90 tons, plus passengers, luggage, food, and crew and water.

Some of the photos are from never before captured perspectives aboard the car. One photo, which we recently got permission to use on this site, is the only known photograph of the car in Pullman Service.

The DOVER HARBOR is a heavy weight Pullman Passenger Car. One of the neat things about it is that it was a car the public rode in, a revenue car. If you bought a Pullman ticket in 1934 say between Chicago and New York, you might well have slept aboard DOVER HARBOR or a car like it. It wasn't a car for the rich and famous, though over the years we had some famous folks aboard.

There were once over 10,000 heavy weight Pullman passenger cars roaming the mainlines of America. Of those, DOVER HARBOR is the last one in its original Pullman Configuration roaming the main lines of America, unrestricted. The term heavy weight refers to the car's construction. The car appears pretty much as it did in 1934. We take great pains to keep her that way and are constantly doing little restoration projects.

Please stop by and enjoy a trip into yesteryear. Consider this a virtual escape from your house.

COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) National Emergency Update

posted Mar 15, 2020, 6:46 PM by James Lilly   [ updated Jun 27, 2020, 6:48 AM ]

GENERAL: We are currently planning to operate some trips in the fall though there remains much uncertainty.   We will monitor the national situation and act accordingly. Please stay tuned to our web site and social media for updates.  In the interim our June and July public programming has been moved on-line.  

Updated 6/27/2020 10:20 AM EDT -  Our monthly programs have moved on-line at least for now.  Our first program, June, is now available via our YouTube Channel.  To register for monthly programs, look for the link on the main page of our web site under Upcoming Programs and Seminars and click Register Now. Registration for our July program is now open. 

Updated 5/28/2020 10:20 AM EDT -  Due to the National Emergency our June 1 showing of Danger Lights at the Old Greenbelt Theatre has been cancelled.  We hope to reschedule the program for later in the year.

Updated 4/13/2020 6:25 PM EDT -  Due to the National Emergency and a change in availability of the speaker, we are unable to hold the April 17th meeting on-line or in person.  We are currently exploring on-line (web-based) technology options for future programs.  We hope to reschedule the East Broad Top Program for later this year. 

Updated 3/29/2020 9:40 PM EDT - We will be postponing our May 17th Annual Banquet at the National Capital Trolley Museum.  Stay tuned for a new date for this unique event.

Updated 3/29/2020 9:35 PM EDT - We are looking for on-line options for a web-based presentation of the East Broad Top Program which is scheduled for April 17th.  Due to an order by the Governor of Virginia, we will not be able to meet in person.  We plan to announce on our web site and as appropriate by email about the meeting and what if any on-line presentation options we have been able to arrange.

Updated 3/29/2020 9:30 PM EDT - We have been informed that RAILCAMP 2020 has been cancelled. We hope everyone that applied for our 2020 Scholarship will do so again in 2021. 

Updated 3/18/2020 10:50 AM EDT - With the interest of the health and safety of our members, guests, and the public in mind, we have cancelled the Manhattan Limited Trips on March 22 and April 4 aboard DOVER HARBOR.  Passengers who already purchased tickets will receive a full refund.

Updated 3/15/20 9:45 PM EDT - With the interest of the health and safety of our members, guests, and the public in mind, we have determined it in the best interest to postpone the March 20 Program at the Lyceum.

As other events, changes, and developments occur, we will make further announcements here.

Longing for warmer weather?

posted Feb 12, 2020, 2:07 PM by James Lilly

CSX Freight at Dickerson, MD

The photo was taken at Dickerson, MD MARC Station on September 7, 2019.  This is Westbound CSX freight train (Coal) pulled by CSX Locomotive No. 842.  Photo by J. Lilly

It was about 90 degrees that day!

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