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Coast to Coast in a 1923 Pullman

posted Jun 14, 2011, 5:13 AM by James Lilly   [ updated Jun 14, 2011, 5:23 AM ]
Our 1923 Pullman Sleeper-lounge-buffetDover Harbor, passengers, and volunteeer crew are traveling to the NRHS Convention. If anyone catches photos along the way and would be willing to share, please us a note. We would really appreciate it. Our Pullman only makes it way that far west about once every three years and we haven't been to Los Angeles since 2002.
A video of Dover Harbor passing Kensington, Maryland on 6/13 on the first leg of her journey is here:

Dover Harbor at Kensington, MD behind Amtrak 29 6/13/11

Westbound itinerary:

Amtrak 29 Depart Washington 6/12 arrive Chicago 6/13 (Capitol Limited)
Amtrak 3 Depart Chicago 6/14 arrive Los Angeles 6/16 (Southwest Chief)
Amtrak 14 Depart Los Angeles 6/17 arrive Seattle 6/18 (Coast Starlight)

NOTE: Our westbound trip was rerouted this week from the California Zephyr due to the flooding and and the corresponding Amtrak Service Disruption.

Eastbound itinerary:
Amtrak 8 Depart Seattle 6/26 arrive Chicago 6/28 (Empire Builder)
Amtrak 30 Depart Chicago 6/29 arrive Washington 6/30 (Capitol Limited)

If you are interested in last minute day space on any of the segments (or overnight between Seattle and DC on the return trip), check out the trip (Cascade Special page) on our web site AND THEN send an e-mail to so we can quickly handle your ticket request.