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DCNRHS Receives Grant to Reproduce Dover Harbor Writing Desk Chair

posted Feb 10, 2013, 9:54 AM by James Lilly


DCNRHS is pleased to announce, it has been selected as the recipient of a Grant from the Amherst Railway Society. The Grants are funded by proceeds from the Big Hobby Railroad Shows, put on annually by the Amherst Railway Society. The Grant in the amount of $ 950 will be matched by funds and donations raised by DCNRHS for a total of $ 1,900.

The Grant will be used to manufacture a piece of authentic furniture missing from the 1934 inventory of the DCNRHS Pullman car, Dover Harbor: the desk chair. Original Pullman photographs of the desk chair (with dimensions!) from various archival sources will be used to manufacture a replica in mahogany, following manufacture of a mock-up in poplar. Period appropriate staining, finishing and upholstery will then be applied based on photographs of the desk chair on the Dover Plains , a sister car to the Dover Harbor. Completion is anticipated by August 2013.

DCNRHS would like to thank the Amherst Railway Society for their generous donation. Further information regarding this grant can be obtained from Scarlett Wirt, President of DCNRHS via Donations in support of this project or the continued restoration and maintenance of Dover Harbor can be sent to DCNRHS, P.O. Box 230, Savage, MD 20763.