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posted Sep 16, 2019, 6:23 PM by James Lilly   [ updated Dec 17, 2019, 7:45 PM ]
The difference between riding the DOVER HARBOR and riding other railroad cars is often in the details.  DCNRHS works tirelessly to create an environment with a 1930s ambiance, maintain and restore our railroad car in authentic Pullman configuration and workings, and provide service in the best traditions of the Pullman Company. 

We often have passengers take pictures of the DOVER HARBOR, most are large area photos of the lounge, a bedroom, or the exterior of our classic Pullman at a scenic location. Recently a talented local photographer, Dennis Dame, visited DOVER HARBOR. He spent several hours focused on documenting some of the finer points of the car.  Below we are going to share several of his photos, which we believe highlight some of the details that make a DOVER HARBOR trip incomparable.

Some of these images are rather large but we preserved them in original form for clarity, so this page may take a little while to load.  For full resolution, click on the image.

All of these photos are copyrighted.  DCNRHS has been graciously given permission by the photographer to use them for our purposes.

A Riveting Sunset

The setting sun reflecting on the exterior of the car body suggests that it won't be long until it is time to crawl in your cozy Pullman berth.

Shades of Yesteryear

The table lamps and the window shades speak to an elegant era of rail travel by-gone, except on-board the DOVER HARBOR.

Fine Furnishings

The furnishings aboard DOVER HARBOR are original Pullman, from cigar stands to settees.

Card Sharks and Con Men

A trip aboard DOVER HARBOR often finds passengers talking, reading, taking in the scenery, and playing card games in the lounge.  Ever vigilant to serving our passengers you may just have a Porter remind that, as the original sign says, "Card Sharks and Con Men have started their winter campaign..." so beware!


The blankets adorning our Pullman berth are authentic, made in USA, wool replicas of 1930s Pullman blankets.  They are warm, light, and comfortable, perfect for snuggling....

They don't make them like this any more...

Although DOVER HARBOR is equipped with refrigeration to keep ice cream frozen and your New 
York Strip cold to modern standards, the kitchen retains the exterior look of the ice box from 1934!  They don't make refrigerator latches like this any more!

Sleep in Pullman Safety and Comfort...

That's the slogan The Pullman Company used to advertise its service.  Today our our porters make your bed to the exacting standards of the Legendary Pullman Company.   A passenger boarding a Pullman in Abilene or Zenith always knew what to expect in his room. 


We frequently use our original 1934 stove, oven, grill, and warmer in the original kitchen (which Pullman called a Buffet).  Beverages to order?   Yes, we've got ya covered.


Heavy springs.... but don't let these fool you.... They are original in design, but were replaced in 2013 to give passengers a smooth ride aboard our 90 ton steed.

34 Volts... 

The Pullman light fixtures aboard our car, which still are based on 34 Volt design of Pullman, cast of glow of elegance throughout the car.