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Future Generations Campaign Launched

posted Dec 15, 2013, 5:33 PM by James Lilly   [ updated Feb 10, 2014, 9:52 AM ]
In the December 2013 Issue of Trains Magazine,  the article “Keeping Up with Pullmans” shines a national spotlight and recognition on DCNRHS and highlights what we have long known: our equipment and operations program is truly a unique and successful operation  and an educational asset and treasure.  Since 1982 we have owned and operated vintage rail equipment on mainline excursions, including our rare operating example of our heavyweight Pullman Dover Harbor as we as the Franklin Inn since 2011.  Our volunteers have worked extremely hard over the years to keep  costs down and to keep our equipment Amtrak certified and on the road and provide a unique educational experience.  Our revenues cover the costs of operations but can come now where close to providing the necessary funding for major capital projects.

The time has come and circumstances now dictate that we must establish a long-term approach to sustaining our equipment program. As the equipment ages and Amtrak qualification requirements ever increase, our past reliance on ad hoc donations for individual projects is no longer sufficient.

Our Board of Directors has developed a long-term plan for our equipment program.  From that plan we  provide below a key list of projects. The items in bold represent critical needs that we must resolve in the next year or otherwise we may be forced to sideline our program. First among these projects is repainting the Dover Harbor and completing the major mechanical assessment and repairs necessary to return the Collinsville Inn to service.

We hope you will give generously in support of the campaign.  We need your help to continue our success.

The Washington, D.C. Chapter, National Railway Historical Society is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt, not-for-profit organization. Your gift is tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.  Please send donations to: DCNRHS Equipment Fund, c/o Dean Edmonds, 360 Club View Dr., Great Falls, VA 22206. You may also give on-line here..

Privacy Statement: We will not sell or share your information with other organizations.


November 2013


These projects represent  the immediate and longer-term preservation and restoration needs of the three historic railcars owned by the DCNRHS.  Our 2014 priorities are represented in bold. We welcome your questions or input on any of these projects!



  Ultrasonic Wheelset Testing                              $  5,000

  Body Work/Exterior Repainting                       $50,000

  Replace worn wheelsets                                        $14,000

  Air Conditioning System Overhaul                       $10,000

  Refrigeration for Icebox/ and/or Ice Machine       $  5,000

  Interior Lounge Repainting                                   $10,000

  Mattresses replacement (custom sizes)                 $  7,500

  Coupler Replacement                                            $  6,000

  Larger water tank and new valve system              $15,000



  Initial Assessment – Trucks & Major Systems $ 8,500

  Major Mechanical Repairs/Amtrak PC2A       $36,000

  Ultrasonic Wheelset testing                                $  6,000

  Water/Sewer Installation                                       $40,000

  Restroom Construction                                         $25,000



  Ultrasonic Wheelset testing                                $  4,000

  Replace seat reclining levers                                 $  7,500

  Seat Reupholstry                                                   $20,000