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Ice Bunker Challenge - Pullman Style

posted Nov 8, 2014, 3:24 PM by James Lilly   [ updated Nov 8, 2014, 3:48 PM ]
On September 12, just prior to the departure of Dover Harbor for the fall season, Chapter members Caryl McNeilly, Mason Lilly, and Jim Lilly, endeavored to fill our classic 1923 Pullman Car's ice box 
(notice I did not say refrigerator) with block ice. This takes a considerable amount of effort and is not something we can always do because of timing the car's departure.  But with close cooperation from our friends at CSX Jessup, we had a good indication of when the car would leave, and it was close enough to the beginning of our first fall trip (a week long 2,000 mile rail journey) that the effort was worthwhile.  

Most of the time on most trips we place ice in the ice box itself to keep our food and beverages cold. The advantage of filling the ice bunker is that it reduces the need for ice enroute and helps keep things cold longer without having to restock. It also gives us extra space for food. It's also fun and educational to use the features of our classic Pullman in the same manner as when it was originally build 90 years ago! Though we are sure Pullman used platforms, not ladders, to fill its cars. 

Each block used by our volunteers ice weighed 10 pounds. 400 pounds of ice in all.

A few pictures of the process can be found here. Thanks to Caryl for her photographic contributions as well as for helping to carry the ice.