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Making the most of downtime!

posted Jun 14, 2020, 6:34 PM by James Lilly
The national pandemic has delayed our 2020 planned trips.  We plan to be up and running this fall.  In the interim Chapter volunteers, working safely, have been making some improvements to the lounge of the DOVER HARBOR.  Fresh paint and a variety of small touches are in the works, along with new blinds.  This is a herculean effort that has been going on for over two months.  All furniture was removed then every part, right down to every screw, had to be taken off the wall, tagged, and bagged.  Then the walls were sanded, primed, and painted.  Now comes the chore of putting it all back together.  Below are a couple photos.

May 20 - Lounge during painting - Photo by Dennis Dame.

June 14 - Lounge in the process of being put back together - Photo by J. Lilly

Attention to details is what sets DOVER HARBOR apart from the ordinary.  The lounge fan was rebuilt, repainted, and reinstalled. The old paint was painstakingly removed from the fan guard.  Photo by J. Lilly