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Presidential Transition

posted Dec 2, 2018, 12:03 AM by James Lilly   [ updated Dec 2, 2018, 12:04 AM ]
After six+ years of faithful service and dedication to the mission and members of our organization, DCNRHS President Scarlett Wirt is stepping down at the end of her term (December 31st). On behalf of the entire Board of Directors, we wish to say thank you Scarlett for a job well done.  During her tenure as President DCNRHS restored 3 baggage cars, restored the Collinsville Inn to mainline service, repainted Dover Harbor, was the recipient of several grants, and worked hard to strengthen our financial processes. While many volunteers are involved in our operationsw, much of the credit for those and accomplishments is rightfully shared with Scarlett and reflective of her leadership, tenacity, and vision. 

In January, CAPT John Eldrige, USN, (Retired) will assume the role of DCNRHS President.  Welcome aboard John.  While leading an all volunteer organization that sails down the rails frequently in a 1923 Pullman car is probably a bit different than commanding a Los Angeles class Attack Submarine, we are excited to have you at the helm of the organization and are sure you are up to the task!