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The Crew Must Eat Too!

posted Jun 11, 2017, 9:04 AM by James Lilly
Last October 29th a member of the Mechanical Crew of the Dover Harbor deadheaded the car from Huntington, WV to Washington, D.C behind Amtrak's Cardinal after a charter.  As we had a special guest onboard from a Washington, D.C. area radio station, a special meal of Jim's Spaghetti (a famous Huntington area eatery in business since 1938 where the like of Benny Goodman, John F. Kennedy, Dustin Hoffman, Bill Cosby, George Bush, and Bill Clinton have all dined) was served Pullman style.  After all, the crew must eat too! The meal, which was was provided at not cost to the Chapter, was served on Pullman China. And if you are wondering, that's Coca-Cola in the wine glasses!