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We Did It Together!

posted Oct 3, 2018, 1:15 PM by James Lilly
Volunteers hard at work at the Paint Blitz
Thank you to EVERYONE who turned out on September 15, our rain date, for our baggage car painting blitz at Dover Park. After a few nervous moments, when at 8:10 am the clouds opened up and sprinkled everything with a misty morning rain, it cleared up and turned out to be a fantastic day. About 25 energetic volunteers put brushes and rollers to work and were able to finish the exterior painting of the two baggage cars that didn’t get painted last year. We have now painted all three of the cars and they are looking great! Although the baggage cars don’t go anywhere, they are critical support resources which provide work areas and storage for the equipment and supplies that are used to keep our three Amtrak-certified rail cars on the road. The baggage cars are long and it took a lot of paint to cover the approximately 2,600 square feet of exterior railcar surface and several thousand rivets. We ended up applying 11 gallons of paint while using about 20 paint brushes, 12 paint rollers and pans, 10 ladders, and scaffolding! The paint party started about 7 am when the first volunteers arrived and ended just after 6 pm when we locked the gates.

While the painting was going on, the Library Committee held a book sale and swap meet and quite a few people were observed browsing and selecting items to take home. As a result, we were able to raise some new funds for DCNRHS.

Special recognition goes to Wayne Poates and UPS. Wayne (who works for UPS) was instrumental in obtaining UPS participation and the $15,000 grant which funded the supplies we needed for the preparation and repainting of the baggage cars over the last two years. The grant also funded the new water service which we needed to get the cars clean. Wayne has driven up from Richmond numerous times and stayed the weekend at his own expense to help with the painting project. 

Chief Mechanical Officer Jim Lilly expresses special thanks to the members of the Operations and Equipment Committee who have spent several hundred hours over the past two years, cleaning, scraping, and priming the baggage cars and doing major body and sheet metal work. Preparation is the key to a successful paint job and their work made the paint party the success that it was. 

Photo by Mary Ries