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Welcome Kids of All Ages

posted Feb 12, 2017, 4:18 PM by James Lilly
Would a childhood be a childhood without a ride on a train?  Whether you are young, young at heart, or anywhere in between, we welcome you to join our organization, volunteer, and/or ride a trip.  Yes, we know kids these days often have music in their ears or electronics to play with on their phone, but still nothing beats a good old fashioned train ride like the young man (and a member) at the left who is seen enjoying time aboard Dover Harbor last year.  On one of our journeys, eventually even the electronically dependent will give up the internet or music, enjoy the experience, and talk about the journey long after the trip is over. Bring one of your kids, grandkids, and of course yourself, especially if you are still a kid at heart! Adventures and memories departing soon! All aboard!

PS - Camera phones encouraged!

Photo by J. Lilly