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Publications of DCNRHS

The Timetable 

The Timetable is the official monthly publication of DCNRHS. Available only to members, it contains articles and information (including pictures) about rail-related events as well as DCNRHS functions, trips, and activities. All Chapter members receive The Timetable as part of their membership benefits.

Contributions to The Timetable are always welcome. The editor reserves the right to edit or hold material at his discretion. Feature articles should be sent to the editor 1 - 2 months prior to the requested publication date. News items concerning chapter events should be sent to the editor as soon as possible. Generally, The TimeTable must be finalized 20 days prior to the beginning of it's publication month. So, for example, all content for the March 2021 edition was due to the Editor no later than February 10.

Typed or handwritten submissions by mail are accepted. The editor encourages electronic submissions by e-mail or on CD or flash drive in MS-Word or ASCII format. Photos may submitted electronically in .jpg or .png format and must have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. A hard copy must accompany the CD/flash drive submission.
Manuscripts and or news items may also be sent to the editor. If you submit hard copy photos, please include a self-addressed envelope to ensure their safe return to you.

You may contact the Editor directly at:

The Timetable
c/o DCNRHS Newsletter Team
1325 G ST NW STE 500
WASHINGTON DC 20005-3146
editor @ dcnrhs.org
NOTE: The monthly issue is usually published (mailed and e-mailed) on about the first day of the month.
The Timetable Archives - See back issues of The Newsletter...
We provide on-line as a resource an archive of our newsletter.  The archive purposefully lags several months in publication, as receiving the newsletter is a benefit of membership. 
You may use the following link to access our on-line archive of our newsletter.  This archive began in 2007.   Please note the files are stored in a google account.  While they are visible to the world, if you are logged in to a google or gmail account through your browser, you may need to log out of that account first in order to access the archives.

NOTE: The files are in the format YYYYMMxx## where YYYY is the four digit year, MM is the month published, xx is generally the publication number for the month (almost always 01), and ## is the file number - generally 01 is the newsletter and 02, 03, etc are flyers or inserts. So for example 2009120101.pdf is the December 2009 newsletter and 2009120102.pdf is a flyer insert for that December 2009 Newsletter.

Collinsville Inn - restoration and revival - 
Collinsville Inn - Restoration and Revival, which was first  published in June 2016, is about the history and restoration of DCNRHS’ 1949 Budd Company-built rail passenger coach Collinsville Inn. The car was restored and returned to the main lines of America last year through the efforts of our dedicated volunteers and supporters. The book is 8” by 11”, with 43 pages including 36 photographs plus drawings and other artifacts, printed in full-color, and available in both hardcover and softcover.

The book actually tells two stories interwoven. The first covers the history and operation from when the car was first built by the Budd Company in 1949 as a sleeper, reconstruction by the Pennsylvania Railroad as a coach for the 1964 World’s Fair, and later service on commuter railroads in Michigan, New York, and Maryland until retired. Included are original 1949 and 1963 floorplans, pictures from the car’s operation on the Pennsylvania Railroad, and photos in Southeast Michigan Transportation livery and finally in MARC colors.  Relevant ephemera from the World’s Fair and a Budd Company advertisement are also included. The second story details DCNRHS’ acquisition of the car and takes the reader through the restoration. This includes pictures of volunteers working on the restoration, provides a list of those volunteers and supporters who made the project happen, shows before and after photos of the car, and includes images and information from operations in 2015 in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeast.

The author, DCNRHS Member James W. (Jim) Lilly, wrote it as a tribute to the generosity of DCNRHS’ men and women volunteers and donors, past and present, and says “The book is ultimately a tribute to their generosity, spirit, service, and talent.” The book captures the history of the car and shows how it takes both money and people to make a project like this successful. 100% of the net proceeds from the book will go to DCNRHS’ programs.

This book is in print and available. If you are interested in purchasing this book it is available in our Company Store.

Baltimore and Potomac Railroad: The Pope's Creek Branch
This soft cover book details the history of the Pope's Creek Branch of the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad (later a Pennsylvania Railroad and then Conrail branch). Written by John M. Wearmouth and published jointly by the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore Chapters of the NRHS. 

This book is in now considered a rare book.  It is out of print, but we recently found a few copies in our archives. If you are interested in purchasing this book it is available in our Company Store.

Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Dining Car Book (reprint)

This manual includes instructions to crew and recipes for meals served on the C & O. It is a soft cover reprint of an original company manual. This item is out of print.

The Complete Steam Locomotive Companion

This enjoyable black and white soft cover book explains in detail the workings of steam locomotives. Written by Fletcher Cox and published in 1987, this 28 page book is complete with 17 original drawings of steam locomotives. This item is out of print but we currently have a limited quantity for sale in our Company Store.

Rail Excursions from Washington, D.C. - The First Twenty Years 1951 - 1971

This book details the history and events of fifty-six rail expeditions and trips from Washington sponsored by DCNRHS between 1951 & 1971. It is soft cover with forty-two pages and contains lots of period black and white photos that on their own are extremely interesting. This item is out of print.

Washington, D.C. Area Commuter Rail Route Guide

DCNRHS publishes a route guide for all of the commuter rail lines from Washington, D.C. for MARC Train Service (MARC) and Virginia Railway Express (VRE). The route guide includes all of the following:

  • MARC - BRUNSWICK LINE (Washington, D.C. to Martinsburg, West Virginia - ex B&O)
  • MARC - CAMDEN LINE (Washington, D.C. to Baltimore, Maryland - ex B&O)
  • MARC - PENN LINE (Washington, D.C. to Perryville, Maryland - ex PRR)
  • VRE - FREDERICKSBURG LINE (Washington, D.C. to Fredericksburg, Virginia - ex RF&P)
  • VRE - MANASSAS LINE (Washington, D.C. to Manassas, Virginia - ex RF&P/Southern)
The guide contains historical facts and information about sights and points of interest along the various routes.

Rail History Almanac

Detailed on-line listing of major events in rail history.  The document is available here.