Member Recognition & Awards

The following awards are used to recognize members for contributions to the Chapter and the NRHS:
Bent Spike Awards
The Bent Spike Award(s) is awarded annually by the President to members who have "Bent over Backwards" to serve DCNRHS in an exceptional way. The award is of a railroad spike bent backwards and mounted on a wood plaque with an engraved plate describing the individual's contribution(s) to the Chapter. It is similar but much harder to get than a lifetime achievement award would be in other similar philanthropic organizations.
Henry V.A. Bielstein Member of the Year Award
This award is given annually to the member who contributes most to DCNRHS in a given year in innovation, impact, or hours, or a combination thereof. Named after long-time DCNRHS President Dr. Henry V. A. Bielstein, MD.
Bernard H. Gallagher Dover Harbor Award 
This award is given annually in honor of the individual who contributed most significantly to our Dover Harbor program in the previous year.  It is named after our Legendary Mechanical Officer Bernard H. Gallagher who started the Dover Harbor Program in 1979.