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New York Transit Sampler

Saturday, November 12, 2011


NYC transit
New York is a place with the densest population in North America, and numerous rail transit systems to move people around efficiently.  This is a small-group, introductory walking tour for the curious, who would like to get a taste of five local and regional rail transit systems that operate in Manhattan.  In one day, you'll have the chance to see, ride and compare aspects of each system yourself.  And, while there is a dizzying array of trains, routes and departures, there's nothing to fear-- this adventure is complete with guides who will provide commentary and lead you on a triple loop tour centered on Manhattan Island, and traveling to surrounding cities, boroughs, and near reaches of the various systems.

      Join your fellow tour participants at New York's Penn Station for the start of the tour, scheduled to begin after the 9:42AM arrival of Amtrak Regional train #162 from Washington.   From here, the day's itinerary will take you on rides on the trains of the New York subway's 1, S and A lines, Metro North Railroad, New Jersey Transit, PATH and the Long Island Railroad.  Your tour will visit (but not linger long) the major rail passenger hubs at New York Penn Station, Grand Central Terminal, Newark Penn Station, LIRR Jamaica Station and the WTC Path Station. We'll even make a quick trip to the beach!  And, with a little luck, your guides will return you to our Penn Station starting point by 6:00PM.  (Note: we recommend that you do not book a homeward bound train until after 7:00PM to allow for any potential delays during the day).

      By the end of the day, you'll be able to compare notes with your fellow tour participants on favorite equipment or most exciting route.  And by then, perhaps you'll feel that you've conquered New York's transit systems, and be ready to set out on an adventure of your own! 


DCNRHS Members: $49

Nonmembers: $69


1. Tour package includes all necessary transit farecards and tickets for the day, along with handouts and guide services.  Food/beverages are not included, however, there will be locations during the day where it may be purchased.  Public restrooms will also be available only at various brief stopping points during the course of the tour.

2. No refund or credit of purchased tickets after October 12, 2011, other than by operator's cancellation of the trip or reselling of the space. Reservations are not transferable and may not be resold without the consent of the operator.

3. Tour participants must be able to stand for times in places without seating, walk briskly keeping pace with the guides and to negotiate steps/stairs without assistance in crowded, urban locations.  The success of the tour will depend in part upon each participant's abilities to keep pace with the guides. Due to the age and nature of the transit facilities visited in New York, some portions of this tour may not be accessible to the physically challenged.

4. Transportation to New York Penn Station (the origination point of this tour) is not included; participants must provide their own transportation to/from New York. 

5. The tour schedule, routings and destinations are subject to change without notice due to service disruptions or other causes which may affect the intended itinerary. 

6. The General Conditions for tours, trips, excursions and events as published in the DCNRHS web site ( apply.  By making a reservation, participants agree to be bound by both the General and these specific conditions.

For information, call 610-429-5858 or e-mail


Saturday, November 12, 2011

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