The National Railway Historical Society, Washington, D.C. Chapter, Inc. presents the

Cascade Special 

Can't ride the entire trip?  Not going to the NRHS Convention? Want a taste of long distance Pullman private car travel?  Get a sampling by riding one of these segments-- or, if the segment you are interested in is not listed, contact our Dover Harbor reservations agent for availability and fares.
 Dates Segment Train  DCNRHS Member Fare  Nonmember
 June 12 Washington to Pittsburgh Capitol Limited $169.00 $199.00 
 June 12-13 Washington to Chicago  Capitol   Limited  $899.00  $949.00 
 June 14 Chicago to Omaha  California Zephyr  $199.00  $229.00 
 June 15 Denver to Salt Lake City  California Zephyr  $299.00 $349.00 
 June 18 Oakland to Tacoma/Seattle Coast Starlight $949.00  $1,049.00 
 June 18 Klamath Falls to Tacoma/Seattle  Coast Starlight  $229.00  $259.00 
 June 18 Portland to Tacoma/Seattle  Coast Starlight  $199.00  $229.00 
 June 26-28 Seattle to Chicago  Empire Builder $2,199.00  $2,299.00 
 June 29-30 Chicago to Washington  Capitol Limited  $899.00  $949.00 
 June 30 Pittsburgh to Washington  Capitol Limited  $169.00  $199.00 
 June 30 Cumberland to Washington  Capitol Limited  $99.00  $129.00 

Sunday, June 12, 2011 to Thursday, June 30, 2011

Join us on a transcontinental rail journey aboard Dover Harbor from Washington DC to Tacoma, Washington. Whether you plan to attend Cascade Rails -- the 2011 National Railway Historical Society Convention or want a memorable vacation across the continent, Dover Harbor will transport you there in Pullman style.

Your trip begins Sunday, June 12, as Dover Harbor departs Washington, D.C.’s Union Station on the Capitol Limited. Enjoy cocktails and dinner. Then, snuggle into your Pullman berth as our train heads west arriving Monday morning at Chicago’s Union Station. Enjoy a day of independent sightseeing in Chicago on Monday.

Tuesday afternoon, June 14, Dover Harbor departs on Amtrak’s California Zephyr crossing the Mississippi River as you enjoy dinner. Wednesday morning the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains looms ahead as we approach the Mile High City-- Denver. After breakfast, travel the former Denver & Rio Grande Western route on a journey that has been described as the most beautiful train trip in North America. We’ll climb into the mountains, cross the Continental Divide, and wind through the magnificent Gore, Glenwood and Ruby Canyons. Later, following dinner, we’ll descend Soldier Summit on the way to Salt Lake City. Awake to breakfast Thursday morning in western Nevada. Following lunch, we’ll cross the Sierra Nevadas over Donner Pass into California to an early evening arrival at Emeryville Thursday, June 16th. We’ll transfer to the Waterfront Plaza Hotel at Oakland’s Jack London Square for a night's stay allowing a full day for independent sightseeing in the San Francisco Bay area.

Late Friday evening June 17th, Dover Harbor departs Emeryville on Amtrak’s Coast Starlight for an overnight run to a scheduled arrival in Tacoma in the evening of Saturday, June 18. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served Sunday. Enjoy the convention festivities there for the next six days (overnight accommodations in Tacoma during the convention are not included).

Dover Harbor departs Seattle Sunday, June 26, on Amtrak’s Empire Builder. Enjoy cocktails and dinner as we head eastward through the Cascade Mountains.  Awake to breakfast among the magnificent Rockies in Montana’s ’Big Sky’ country. Savor lunch as we travel the former Great Northern Railway’s Evergreen Scenic Route to an afternoon Chicago arrival Tuesday, June 28.

Enjoy a day of independent sightseeing in Chicago on Wednesday, June 29th. Dine that evening aboard Dover Harbor as we depart on the Capitol Limited. Awake the next morning to breakfast as we climb the mountains via the former Baltimore & Ohio route to the Allegheny Summit at Sand Patch; then on to Cumberland and along the Potomac River Valley to an early afternoon arriv al at Washington DC on Thursday, June 30th.

All passengers may enjoy the comforts of
Dover Harbor’s lounge. Sleeping accommodations for complete and one way package passengers on this trip are Dover Harbor’s Classic Pullman Double Bedrooms, which sleep two persons in an upper and lower berth. Each bedroom has its own washbasin and toilet with a shower available to all o vernight passengers.

Complete Round Trip Package, June 12-18, 26-30, 2011:   SOLD OUT  
Includes round trip travel on
Dover Harbor
from Washington DC to Tacoma, WA and return from Seattle, with classic Pullman double bedroom accommodations overnight while en route, two nights hotel accommodation in Oakland; and, meals (as listed), beverages, snacks and spirits aboard the car. Per Person Fares:                           DCNRHS Member:                  Nonmember:
Round Trip, Double Occupancy        $6,149.00                                   $6,349.00

One Way Westbound Trip Package, June 12-June 18, 2011:   SOLD OUT  
Includes one way travel on
Dover Harbor from Washington DC to Tacoma, WA, with classic Pullman double bedroom accommodations overnight while en route, 2 nights hotel accommodation in Oakland; and, meals (as listed), beverages, snacks and spirits aboard the car.
Per Person Fares:                         DCNRHS Member:                   Nonmember:
One Way, Double Occupancy       
$4,699.00                                     $4,849.00 

One Way Eastbound Trip Package, June 26-June 30, 2011: 
Includes one way travel on
Dover Harbor from Seattle, WA to Washington DC, with classic Pullman double bedroom accommodations overnight while en route; and, meals (as listed), beverages, snacks and spirits aboard the car.
Per Person Fares:                        DCNRHS Member:                   Nonmember:
One Way, Double Occupancy        $2,999.00                                    $3,149.00

Make your reservation and payment by March 31, 2011 and deduct three hundred fifty dollars($350.00) per person round trip, or one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) per person on one way fares! Payment must be made by cash, check or money order for this offer.  Early bird discount applies only to round trip and one way fares between Washington DC and Washington State.

Daytime Parlor Seat, Portland, OR to Tacoma. WA, Saturday, June 18, 2011:
Includes one way travel on
Dover Harbor from Portland, OR to Tacoma WA, with meals, beverages, snacks and spirits while en route only. Does not include overnight accommodations.
Per Person Fares:                        DCNRHS Member:                    Nonmember:
One way Trip, Parlor Seat              $199.00                                         $229.00


For information, call 610-429-5858 or e-mail to

CASCADE SPECIAL, June 12-June 30, 2011
I'm ready to go! My reservation and payment are enclosed:
Name: _______________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________
City, State, Zip: ______________________________________
Telephone: ____ day ____ evening __________________________
Mobile Phone (during trip): ____________________________________
E-mail: _______________________________________________

PAYMENT METHOD ____ Check payable to Washington DC Chapter, NRHS

____ Charge to my Visa/Mastercard: Card No.: ____________________________________________
Expiration Date: _____________________________________
Signature: ___________________________________________
Please reserve the following spaces:
# ____ DCNRHS Member at $_______ = $ ______________
# ____ Nonmember at $_______ = $ ______________
TOTAL AMOUNT: $ ______________



BOARDING LOCATION: ____ Washington DC ____ Seattle WA ____ Portland,
OR ____
How I heard about this trip: ____ DCNRHS Newsletter ____ Trip News E-mail ____
Other ________________________________ 

Mail to: 
c/o Mike Martin, Reservation Agent
503 Mayfield Avenue
West Chester, PA 19380-5211

1. The Washington DC Chapter, NRHS makes every effort to accommodate the physically challenged; however, Dover Harbor, as a historic railroad car, is not wheelchair accessible. Operator requires those passengers requiring special assistance from others to travel with someone who is able to assist them. Passengers must notify the reservations agent by June 1, 2011, regarding any specific needs so arrangements may be made.
2. Package includes rail transportation from Washington, DC to Tacoma, WA and/or return from Seattle, WA; sleeping or lounge seat accommodations depending upon fare class while en route; one nights lodging at Waterfront Plaza Hotel in Oakland, June 16, 2011, transfer to the hotel from Emeryville Amtrak station, and meals, snacks, beverages, wines and spirits while en route aboard the rail car only. A detailed train schedule with all provided meals will be sent two weeks prior to departure.
3. For Complete Round Trip or One Way Packages, an initial deposit of one third of the fare is required at time of reservation. Reservations will not be guaranteed without deposit. This deposit is nonrefundable after March 31, 2011. Payment of full fare is due by March 31, 2011. If the full payment is not received by this date, the reservation will be deemed cancelled and the deposit will be forfeited.
4. For Parlor Seat, Portland OR to Tacoma WA or any other segment fare, full payment is required at the time of reservation. Reservations will not be guaranteed without payment.
5. Cancellation and refund requests must be made in writing and received by March 31, 2011. A refund processing fee of 10% of fare paid will be charged for all refunds prior to the no refund date.
6. No refund of purchased tickets after March 31, 2011, other than by operator’s cancellation of the trip or reselling of the space. The operator suggests that passengers independently obtain trip insurance to cover cancellations resulting from personal emergencies, illness or other causes. Increased costs have resulted in significantly higher long distance trip costs. In order to keep passenger fares reasonable, a minimum number of tickets need to be sold. In the unlikely event enough tickets are not sold, you will be notified by April 15, 2011 and your entire payment refunded without further obligation on our part.
7. Reservations are not transferable and may not be resold without the written consent of the operator.
8. Passengers must make their own arrangements for meals, activities, gratuities, personal incidental charges, and ground transportation while in Oakland and Chicago, and in addition, for Tacoma, accommodations and convention activities. Passengers must make their own arrangements for local transportation to Seattle for the eastbound trip departure.
9. Train schedules and routing are subject to change without notice. Operator and Amtrak reserve the right to substitute equipment. Operator has no control over transportation companies and other vendors providing services for this trip, thus it must be understood that changes can occur in the schedule, equipment, dates, routes and accommodations without notice.
10. Package fares are per person, double occupancy. Single tickets may be purchased at double occupancy fares; however, shared accommodations will be assigned at the discretion of the reservations agent. For guaranteed sole occupancy, the single supplement is equal to the applicable per person double occupancy fare.
11. Passengers may board at any intermediate station stop; please notify ticket agent if you are planning to board at stations other than Washington, D.C.
12. Passengers wishing to travel on segments other than published should contact the agent for availability/fares.
13. Passengers with special dietary needs must notify the reservation agent in writing by June 1, 2011.
14. Smoking is not permitted aboard the private rail car, except in the car vestibule. Smoking is also permitted on station platforms at Amtrak designated smoking stops.
15. The Washington D.C. Chapter, NRHS and its representatives act only as agents for the passengers with respect to rail transportation, food services and other services offered; as such, hold themselves free of liability for any injury, delay, loss or damage from any cause whatsoever.
16. A $35 fee will be assessed for checks returned for insufficient funds.
17. For registration and ticketing information as well as convention hotel information for Cascade Rails 2011, the National Railway Historical Society annual convention, please see
18. The General Conditions for tours, trips, excursions and events as published on the DCNRHS web site ( apply.  By making a reservation, participants agree to be bound by both the General Conditions and these specific Conditions. 

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